[Recipe] Frazzles Mac 'n' Cheese

I have bacon CRAVINGS. And now I'm a vegetarian, how can I satisfy them? 

Then I stumbled across this recipe posted by Noshable, and my bacon-flavoured-yet-still-vegetarian junk food prayers were answered. I've tweaked the recipe as I like some parmasan BITE to my Mac.
It's a bowl of frazzles, innit.

Here's my take on Mac 'n' Cheese without the bacon. It makes enough for about 8 people. Or 1 VERY hungry ex-meat eater...


200g macaroni 
35g butter
25g plain flour
1 pint whole milk
1 tsp wholegrain mustard
20g parmasan
200g smoked cheddar
3 bags of Frazzles


Boil the macaroni in water with salt.

Blitz a bag of Frazzles in a blender, add the milk and blend again

Melt the butter in a pan, and slowly stir in the flour, then add your milky Frazzles and whisk until smooth and the mixture starts to thicken. Turn the hob down to a low heat and add the mustard.

Grate parmasan and stir in until smooth. Add grated smoked cheddar - 200g makes it UBER-cheesey.

Drain the mac.

Grease a baking dish with butter, then combine pasta and cheese sauce and tip into the dish.

STICK IT under the grill for five minutes and blitz the two remaining bags of Frazzles.

Sprinkle the crushed Frazzles all over the top of the mac and cheese and return to the dish to the grill for five minutes or until the topping gets nice and crispy and the cheese starts to bubble.

Frazzles Mac 'n' Cheese - the 'before' shot
Frazzles Mac 'n' Cheese - the 'before' shot

Frazzles Mac 'n' Cheese - the 'after' shot

BOOM! Bacon Mac 'n' Cheese without the meat, if I were you, I'd get a big spoon and get stuck in.

Now what did I do with that Sirloin steak...

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  1. Oh my god! I love Frazzles! I'm at work right now but whem I come home I will try it! I'm so excited, I never would have thought of cooking with them ! :) Thanks for sharing!